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Power Peanut Butter Toast

Alright guys, we’re getting down to the wire here. I’m graduating in T-minus…way sooner than I’d care to admit. Okay, that’s not actually true. I’m really pretty pumped about graduating and moving on to the next step, leap, jump, or whatever it ends up being. College has been a fantastic learning experience, albeit a resoundingly non-traditional one. Emerson College is a weird place, where you’re told that you’re doing it wrong if you don’t get an internship during your first summer break. Or, at least, that’s how I interpreted things.

I may not have done the sorority thing, the football game thing, or the get-wasted-at-every-possible-opportunity thing, but I did do a lot of cool stuff like study abroad in Rome, help run a couple magazines, start this here food blog, and I even landed a number of fancy internships.

Most recently, I completed an internship at Hill Holliday, one of the top ad agencies in the nation. I’m not bragging, I promise. I just need to write it down so that I actually believe it’s real life.

Even more surreal is the fact that they liked me enough to keep me, at least for a little while longer. I’m currently a freelance Junior Copywriter at Hill Holliday, where I have my very own desk and everything! Even though I’m not working full time, I’ve been spending my fair share of hours at the office. And let me tell you, waking up at the crack of dawn, day in and day out, is everything it’s cracked up to be: difficult.

I’ve been waking up early for a while now. Between classes, internships, and other side projects, I’ve become pretty familiar with 7 a.m. Some 7 a.m.s are better than others, which is always made clear by the breakfast I prepare. An omelet morning and an oatmeal morning are two very different monsters, let me tell you.

Historically, peanut butter toast falls into the ‘oatmeal morning’ category. My inner dialogue is something like, “Eff this. Why didn’t I go to bed earlier last night? I wish it were socially acceptable to wear slippers to work. Can I make that a thing? Probably not…Ugggggh.”

I recently devised a plan to give dreary eyed peanut butter toast an omelet morning stamp of approval. This is the kind of breakfast that you can put together with your eyes half open. But get ready for them to open wide when you get a taste. Toasty bread, salty peanut butter, smooth bananas, rich honey, and crunchy chia seeds will turn your sleepy morning around. Plus, it’s an energy packed meal that will keep you on your toes until lunchtime, and no earlier.

Ingredients (serves 1)

  • 1 slice of multigrain bread

  • Natural salted peanut butter

  • 1 banana

  • Honey

  • 1 teaspoon chia seeds

1. Toast bread. 2. Spread peanut butter on bread. 3. Slice banana and arrange slices on toast. 4. Drizzle with honey. 5. Sprinkle with chia seeds.