Hi, I’m Sienna –

I like to eat and explore. It’s nice to meet you!

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Sienna is a fairweather vegetarian, a wannabe locavore and an unapologetic exaggerator.

She grew up in Los Angeles and has also lived in Boston, Rome and currently, San Francisco. Her love for cooking was born in 2011, when she started The Pantry Raid in a bout of collegiate boredom, only to realize she knew only knew two recipes.

This blog has since become a chronicle of her exploration of food, from dorm room kitchens to big girl apartments, from Trader Joes obsessions to organic farming and from copywriting aspirations to a career in restaurants.

Today, you’ll find Sienna running the Restaurant Team at Chewse, dog-earring the latest Bon Appetit or rifling through antique kitchen wares at a flea market.

She’s inspired constantly by the creativity and passion of San Francisco chefs, her growing library of cookbooks and the Bay Area’s abundance of local produce, meat and bread. So. Much. Bread.

Sienna can be reached at sienna@thepantryraid.net or by submitting the form on the left. Find her on Instagram @thepantryraidblog and @siennamintz.