Butter Logged and Natural Wine Drunk in Paris

There’s no denying the magic of Paris – a city whose vibe is as playful as it is serious, where a day spent wandering will take you from charming alleys to grand boulevards; where a day of eating necessitates a butter-forward diet but also a refined palette, and where drinking wine constantly is encouraged if not required. This dignified hedonism is embedded into the culture and beckons you to join the party. As an artistic epicenter – home to some of the world’s finest paintings, sculptures and architectural masterpieces – inspiration flows naturally here. You’ll see it in the ingredient-centric small plates at Paris’ new wave of hip restaurants, in galleries showcasing local artists’ avant garde works, throughout haute boutiques and high fashion concept shops. You may even find some of it within yourself as you ponder it all at a brasserie over a croissant and café au lait.

travelSienna Mintz