City Guides

San Francisco

San Francisco is overflowing with delicious food. From trendy newcomers to hole-in-the-wall institutions, there’s no dearth of creativity and flavor here. So whether you’re searching for a place to celebrate something special or just foraging around the internet for your next meal, I hope you find what you’re looking for on my map of the best SF restaurants I’ve found! You can explore by cuisine, but each pin also includes my mini-review and other helpful planning info. And while it’s hard to believe this list isn’t complete, I pinky promise to keep adding to it as I find new favorites along the way. Cheers!

Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka

It’s hard to have a bad meal in Japan. Between convenience store egg salad sandwiches, late night tonkotsu ramen, succulent yakitori skewers, meticulously prepared sushi and fluffy and delicate mochi — this country is truly a playground for your palate. Here’s a collection of my favorite places to eat and experience in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

Tel Aviv

Dodging happy hagglers in Carmel Market, ogling at the thousands of white Bauhaus buildings off Dizengoff Street or sipping French wine at an upscale bar off tree-lined Rothschild Boulevard; in Tel Aviv, it’s easy to forget that you’re in Israel. From inside the country’s most secular city, you’d have no idea that all around you, fear and violence proliferate. In Tel Aviv, life is for living! Here, the culture —architecture, food, fashion, etc.— takes influence from the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. And yet, the aura here is palpably Middle Eastern. A historical place as much as an evolving one, there’re plenty of hidden gems and trendy destinations alike. From grungy Florentin to posh Neve Tzedek to magical Jaffa, there’s no dearth of places to see, or, for that matter, be seen.


There’s no denying the magic of Paris – a city whose vibe is as playful as it is serious, where a day spent wandering will take you from charming alleys to grand boulevards; where a day of eating necessitates a butter-forward diet but also a refined palette, and where drinking wine constantly is encouraged if not required. This dignified hedonism is embedded into the culture and beckons you to join the party. As an artistic epicenter – home to some of the world’s finest paintings, sculptures and architectural masterpieces – inspiration flows naturally here. You’ll see it in the ingredient-centric small plates at Paris’ new wave of hip restaurants, in galleries showcasing local artists’ avant garde works, throughout haute boutiques and high fashion concept shops. You may even find some of it within yourself as you ponder it all at a brasserie over a croissant and café au lait.


Vancouver needs #nofilter. Beneath dense and leafy maple trees, you’ll find charming neighborhoods filled with friendly locals walking their damp Doodles, curated shops offering trendy everything and cozy cafes serving locally roasted coffee. The town seems built to support a lifestyle hallmarked by the semi-permanence of clouds and drizzle, fueling all your cozy endeavors, from coffee and donuts to board game bars to used record stores and dispensaries. But when the clouds part, the city transforms into and outdoorsy dreamland, replete with green space, harbors and pathways, all ready to accommodate the many bikers, runners, kayakers, et all, who traipse through the city in their Lululemons en route to their next adventure. Aside from the seafood forward, hyper local fare sourced nearby, you’ll find an abundance of authentic Asian food, ranging from hole-in-the-wall affordable to gold-plated opulence. With so much to see, taste and do, cross your fingers for (but don’t count on) good weather. Bring a raincoat and tennis shoes – you’ll find fun in any event.


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