sienna mintzSienna Mintz started The Pantry Raid in 2011 as a freshman at Emerson College in Boston. Living in the dorms wasn’t too conducive to cooking (a microwave and an iron does not a kitchen make), so she decided to start raiding the pantries of her friends and family to make due. After graduating with a degree in Marketing Communications, she moved to San Francisco, where you’ll find her loitering at farmer’s markets and drinking craft beer.

Though living in the dorms is but a chilling memory now, she continues to grow her repertoire of recipes and share anecdotal stories about her hilarious childhood, roaring 20s (is that a good thing?), and ragtag crew of friends, Romans, and countrymen.

Sienna’s favorite foods are Brussels sprouts, sweet potato fries, chocolate croissants, and Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (hold your judgments). She loves playing frisbee, reading Bon Appétit, playing with Labradoodles (namely hers), and sipping egg white cocktails. Her culinary role models are Mark Mintz (master pizzaiolo and hipster dad), Ila Lewis (chocolate chip cookie expert and Jewish grandmother),  Carol Leemon (professional hostess and other Jewish grandmother), and Anthony Bourdain (her spirit animal).

Sienna can be reached at

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